Learning Center

The below PDF designs are designed to help you understand where and why to use Transient Protection Design products. If you have recommendations or questions please contact Tim at Tim@TPDsurge.com or call at 1-888-281-7856.

General Information

PDF - Starting Lineup

PDF - TPD Power Quality Program

WORD - TPD Letter to Builder


Surge Protection Made Simple

PDF - Sample Home

PDF - Custom Whole Home Protection

PDF - All Power Panels

PDF - Cable Satellite Starlink

PDF - Outdoor Cameras and WAPs

PDF - Outdoor Speaker Pathways

PDF - Lighting Systems

PDF - Lighting Systems from Transfer Surges

PDF - Pool House Equipment

PDF - Gate Electronics

PDF - Generators and Transfer Switches

PDF - Understanding Electrical Transfer Surges

PDF - HVAC Systems

PDF - Access Control Systems

PDF - Modems, Routers, and Switches


Detailed Installation Drawings

PDF or JPG - TPD Surge Protection for Lutron Lighting

PDF or JPG - TPD Surge Protection for Crestron Systems

PDF or JPG - TPD Surge Protection for Control4 Systems

PDF - TPD Surge Protection for Gates

PDF - TPD Surge Protection Unit Enclosures


TPD Marketing Material

PDF - TPD Complete Home Surge Protection Tri-Fold

PDF - TPD Surge Suppression 16 page Brochure


Engineering Guideform Specifications

WORD - TPX-100 Lighting System Guideform

Please phone or email our technical department at Tim@TPDsurge.com for custom guideform specifications for your project.


Risk Assessment - Liability Release

PDF - Declining a TPD True Whole House Suppression System

PDF - Choosing a TPD True Whole House Suppression System


Glatfelter Insurance - Nema Surge Damage Survey 

PDF - Risk Control Services Department of Glatfelter Insurance Group

PDF - Be Proactive Not Reactive - Nema Surge Damage Survey Summary