PLC Surge Protection and Power Filtering

Surge protection for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) in industrial manufacturing facilities is crucial for equipment protection, downtime prevention, data integrity, process consistency, equipment longevity, system reliability, safety, and regulatory compliance. It is an investment that pays off by ensuring uninterrupted operations, minimizing risks, and maintaining the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Manufactured by Total Protection Solutions, TPD has quality PLC surge protection that will improve power quality, efficiency, and the bottom line.


How To Surge Protect Programmable Logic Controllers

Surge Protect All 120 Volt Control Circuits: TPD-LT120-15A

Surge Protect All 24 Volt Control Circuits: TPD-DM24-15A

Protect power to programmable logic controllers. This protection stage will eliminate anything that gets by the higher voltage three phase unit and in addition clean up all internally ring wave type transients that degrade your 120 and lower voltage electronics. The combination of 480 volt (or 240 volt) and 120 volt units is field proven to offer the best protection and quickest return on investment for your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). IEEE recommends this staged protection approach (see IEEE information).


The Importance of Surge Protecting PLCs

Equipment Protection
PLCs serve as the control centers for various manufacturing processes, machinery, and systems. These sophisticated electronic devices are sensitive to voltage fluctuations, spikes, and surges that can occur due to lightning strikes, power grid fluctuations, or even internal equipment switching. TPD surge suppression with filtering prevents these transient events from corrupting data and damaging the PLCs' delicate components, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Downtime Prevention
In industrial manufacturing, downtime can lead to significant financial losses. A surge-related failure of a PLC can halt production lines, disrupt manufacturing processes, and cause delays. By installing TPD surge protection, the risk of PLC failure due to electrical anomalies is minimized, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly downtime.

Data Integrity
PLCs store critical data related to manufacturing processes and automation routines. A surge event could corrupt or erase this data, leading to incorrect process control, quality issues, or production errors. TPD surge protection safeguards the integrity of this data, maintaining accurate control over manufacturing operations.

Process Consistency
Manufacturing processes often rely on precise timing and coordination. Surge-induced disruptions to PLCs can lead to erratic process behavior, affecting product quality and consistency. TPD surge filters ensure that PLCs continue to function properly, maintaining the reliability and consistency of manufacturing processes.

Equipment Longevity
PLCs are long-term investments for facilities. TPD surge protection helps extend the lifespan of these expensive devices by preventing stress on their components caused by electrical disturbances. This reduces the frequency of repairs or replacements, contributing to cost savings over time.

Overall System Reliability
Industrial manufacturing facilities operate complex systems with interconnected components. A surge affecting one part of the system can propagate to other components, causing a cascade of failures. TPD surge protection acts as a first line of defense, preventing these cascading failures and maintaining the overall reliability of the facility's operations.

Safety Considerations
Some manufacturing processes involve hazardous materials or machinery. Unintended shutdowns or disruptions due to surge-related PLC failures could compromise the safety of workers and the environment. TPD surge protection helps ensure that critical safety systems remain operational at all times.

Regulatory Compliance
Depending on the industry, there might be regulatory standards and guidelines that necessitate the protection of critical control systems like PLCs. TPD surge protection helps facilities comply with these regulations, avoiding potential legal and operational repercussions.


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