PLC Surge Protection and Power Filtering

To surge protect the power to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controls use the TK-LT120-15A-DIN2 surge suppressor, manufactured by Total Protection Solutions, with enhanced transient filter. Place our TK-LT120-15A-DIN2 series wired suppression filter unit (TK-LT120) on the 120 volt feed to the PLC logic controls.  This protection stage will eliminate anything that gets by the higher voltage three phase unit and in addition clean up all internally ring wave type transients that degrade your 120 and lower voltage electronics. The combination of 480 volt (or 240 volt) and 120 volt units is field proven to offer the best protection and quickest return on investment for your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).  IEEE recommends this staged protection approach (see IEEE information).

PDF – Healthcare – 7 month ROI protecting imaging equipment… Reduced downtime & maintenance costs
PDF – Chiller Controls – ROI within months…Reduce downtime…Protect against lightning damage
PDF – Manufacturing – Rockwell Power Flex VFDs, MCC, PLCs…Reduce downtime & increase production
PDF – Manufacturing Facility – ROI in a few months…Protect VFD…Eliminate PLC lockups & downtime
PDF – PLC Programmable Logic Controls – Eliminate PLC lock-ups…Reduce or eliminate downtime
PDF – PLC Waveform Machine #5 – Filter protects 120 volt circuit feeding PLC
PDF – Rockwell Automation – Protect Rockwell Automation products