Satellite Lines Surge Protection

Satellite Lines Surge Protection for Incoming and Outgoing Satellite Lines

Solid State Surge Suppressor & Hum Blocker
Satellite TV, Satellite Radio, High Speed Internet & Line Level Audio
Three Year Unlimited Free Replacement Warranty
Operating Frequency: 5MHz to 3.0GHz
Max Data Rate: Unlimited, unit operates in frequency
Operating Voltage: 35V RMS/50V Peak
Two Way Communication Compatible: Yes
Ultra High Definition Compatible: Yes
Response Time: < 1 nanosecond
Strength: 1000 amps per wire
Series Resistance: < 0.1 ohm
Insertion Loss: <0.5db (900MHz to 3.0GHz)
Enclosure Type: Metal Weatherproof
F Type male connection accepts RG6 or RG11
Integrated mounting bracket with ground connection.

Model Numbers & Specs

TPD offers the highest quality satellite feed protection available. Strategically surge protect satellite feeds entering the home before being distributed throughout the house. By surge protecting and bonding incoming satellite feeds with the electrical system ground it will create an equal potential ground eliminating the potential for ground loops within the house. This will allow for a more reliable satellite system with less chance of noise and interference contaminating video and audio signals. Unlike other technologies on the market, the TPD Satellite surge protector’s performance will not degrade. You can count on the TPD-SAT2 working now and 5,000 surges later.

Surge Protecting Satellite Equipment from Lightning
Surge protection has become a much more complex issue. The value of electronic equipment within one’s home has grown enormously in the last few years. Now both commercial and residential facilities must deal with costly lightning strikes that may cause degradation or gradual hardware stress and latent failures and in worst case immediate hardware destruction to electrical equipment, including Satellite TV components. At times it takes the owner to make sure the different installers from the different services are correctly surge protecting and grounding their buildings electrical and electronic systems. It could be the phone system, the security, the cable or the internet and a defect in protection from one system can allow surge damage to propagate into another causing thousands of dollars of damage. TPD explains what different protection devices do and how they work together. Lightning strike-damaged equipment is not typically covered by your satellite company warranty and should be reported to the home or business owner’s insurance company.

Insurance Information
Lightning damage has been typically covered by Homeowner's insurance (less any deductible), however if a satellite dish is improperly grounded your insurance company does not have to pay! All these systems are extremely vulnerable to lightning surges coming in on power or signal cables and NEC requirements do little to protect them. Along with equipment degradation that no one has noticed there is inconvenience involved in getting equipment replaced and/or having products not function or working at or near peak performance. Many installers and homeowners are interested in adding additional protection hardware to their systems to minimize the risk of this sort of disruption. Additional concerns come into play now that most properties have multiple incoming and outgoing communications lines, additional buildings, security systems, home theaters, home automation and data networks all interconnected. Depending on the price and amount equipment connected any one pathway left unprotected or incorrectly grounded can cause one thousand to one hundred thousand dollars of damage for one lightning event.

What Does IEEE Say About Protecting Satellite Equipment?
IEEE Std.1100-2005 Type-I, signal-data disruption “Signal-carrying circuits are susceptible to surge interference via conduction, inductive and capacitive coupling, and electromagnetic radiation. Both near-and far-field phenomena affect these circuits as EMI. When surges are observed on signal lines, it is often assumed, just because the signal circuits are still working, that the noise is below the circuit’s EMI threshold, and things are therefore acceptable. This is not so…” IEEE recommends surge suppression on exposed data lines to reduce or eliminate failures or lockups due to noise or radiated interference that gets on and contaminates lines. Regardless of whether the disturbance comes from the electrical power system or is inductively coupled onto the lines from a nearby lighting strike (anywhere up to a quarter mile away), data lines need protected.


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