CNC Surge Protection and Power Filtering

Computer Numeric Controller CNC Surge protection and lightning protection. Eliminate lockups, glitches, & surge damage to CNC Lathe, Embroidery machines, wood routers, turret punchers, wire-bending machines, foam cutters, laser cutters, cylindrical grinders, 3D printers, glass cutters, automatic saws & Haas CNC machines, etc..

Easy Installation

The TPX-480NN-F-100 (or -240NN for 240 delta or -380NN for 380 delta) surge suppression filter unit provides both surge protection and enhanced filtering protection for computer numeric controls (CNC), plasma cutters, and 3-D printers. This surge protection device (SPD) provides great protection to any machine tool from lightning, utility surges, and high speed transients on the three phase power that directly feeds the CNC machine. Transient Protection Design offers surge suppression products that are easy to install as they can go direct to the bus, disconnect, or any size breaker or fuse block, and can be installed outside or inside the machine. The SPD units are parallel installed, so system amperage is not a factor. This unit has component level internal fusing (200kAIC SCCR) and can be installed on the disconnect feeding the machine, or can be installed directly on the machine. Only the units installed at each machine or on each distribution panel directly feeding the machines can stop the internally generated transients. Normal load switching of equipment inside any facility can surge other equipment in the facility if no suppressor is placed on each piece of equipment fed from a common electrical bus.


CNC Brands We Protect

Protect your Mazak, Haas, Doosan, Okuma, DMG Mori, Starrag, Liechti, Willemin Macodel, Hermle, Alzmetall, and other machine tools from catastrophic events (like lightning and power company surges) and from internally generated transients (that degrade electronics over time and cause lock-ups, glitches, and reprogramming). TPD surge suppressors reduce downtime, electrical maintenance costs, and product loss. 


Installation Of Surge Protection At Each CNC

To protect the machines/drives/motors, the TPX-480NN-F-100 unit provides great protection for the three phase power directly feeding the machine. Normal load switching of equipment inside any facility can surge other equipment in the facility if no suppressor is placed on each piece of equipment fed from a common bus. Plus, if lightning should strike the facility or near the facility and inductively couple onto building wiring, if no surge suppression device (SPD) is installed near the equipment, lightning could get onto an overhead bus or get into a distribution panel and spread out to the other circuits on that bus or distribution panel. Also, if any electrical panel feeds parking lot lights, signs, security gates, roof top HVAC equipment, or any other outside electrical equipment, lightning could strike at or near the outside equipment and travel back into the electrical panel inside the facility and then spread out to other equipment and other electrical panels in the building.


Control Circuit Surge Protection

A 120V or 24V unit such as the TK-LT120-15A-DIN2, mfg. buy Total Protection Solutions, or a TPD-DM24-15A, mfg. by Transient Protection Design, is used for protection of the circuit feeding the low voltage controls.  Although the parallel connected three phase unit will give some protection to 120V or 24V power supplies and controls, for long term reliability and maximum up-time, the power supplies, circuit boards, and other electronic loads should be protected by a series installed low voltage SPD with enhanced filtering. This protection stage will eliminate anything that gets past the higher voltage three phase unit and in addition clean up all internally ring wave type transients that degrade your 120V and lower voltage electronics.

This combination of three phase and 120 or 24 volt units is field proven to offer the best protection and quickest return on investment (typically less than one year payback).  Staged protection is in accord with IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) recommended staged protection.  See IEEE Recommended Practices.

When most companies purchase a computer, they protect it with a plug-in strip suppressor or UPS.  These plug in units protect sensitive circuit boards and power supplies.  But, machine tools all contain circuit boards, power supplies, and other sensitive electronics. Because the machines are hardwired to the electrical panel you cannot use a plug in surge suppressor for protection.  But, you can easily install a TPS unit on the electrical panel feeding the equipment.


End user benefits

Because of the high cost of 3-D printers, plasma cutters, and CNC machines and the cost of wasted material, time, and money caused by unscheduled downtime, we believe that most customers would like to have an option to protect their investment and reduce their electrical maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime. 


CNC Sales Sheet

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