Training & Virtual Surveys

Training & Virtual Site Survey Schedule

Available for online training and virtual site surveys Monday through Friday 9am-8pm EST.

Please use the links below to schedule time with our surge expert, Tim Fazio.


The Benefits of Surge Protection & Grounding Link

Project Design

Benefits of a Transient Protection Design

Custom Whole Home Protection

Commercial & Industrial Facility Protection

Total Protection Sales & Marketing for Dealers

Consulting Engineer Training

Trainings are scheduled for a one on one basis, with the option to add guests from your team.


Virtual Site Survey

Use Facetime or a video-calling application to be able to view your location to diagnose issues.

Must have access to Wi-fi or a cell tower for a device to send video and audio

If all you're able to do is call and text images we can also be prepared for that as well. Once you schedule your virtual site survey, we will contact you for more information about the virtual site survey. The link above will schedule a one-hour window however if you need more time we can add that once we email you for more information.

We are happy to help you on your job site walkthroughs by utilizing FaceTime or text messaging. Schedule the time that suites you best. We can help with selection and placement of units along with a quote. We will answer questions and take notes.


Please email Tori@tpdsurge.com with any questions, concerns, or issues scheduling with the links above.