IT and Network Surge Protection

IT and Network surge protection is crucial in protecting critical components like servers and data centers, network routers, switches, and hubs, as well as wi-fi access points, modems, and communication lines manufactured by companies such as Honeywell, Cisco, ADT Commercial, and Johnson Controls in commercial settings. This protection ensures the integrity and continuous operation of these essential systems, which are vulnerable to damage from power surges. By implementing advanced surge protection solutions, businesses can prevent data loss, maintain consistent network connectivity, and ensure overall IT security.


How to Surge Protect IT and Network Equipment

Surge Protect Power Panels: TPX-3Y208-F-100
Install on breaker panel powering IT and network equipment. This will give any point of use plug in strip surge suppressor or UPS protection improving the performance of that equipment.

Surge Protect Cable Wire: TPD-CABLE
Surge protect and bond incoming and outgoing cable lines.

Surge Protect Satellite Lines: TPD-SAT2
Surge protect and bond incoming and outgoing satellite lines.

Surge Protect Wi-Fi Access Points: TPD-CAT6-POE
Surge protect network communication to WAPs.

Surge Protect Network Communication: TPD-CAT6
Install on incoming and outgoing network communication lines.


Why Surge Protect IT and Network Equipment in Schools, Hospitals, and Public Safety Buildings?

In educational institutions, servers, computer labs, and Wi-Fi access points are crucial for day-to-day learning and administration. Surge protectors protect these technologies from voltage spikes, ensuring that the educational process is not disrupted and that digital learning resources are always available.

For healthcare facilities, reliable operation of servers, network routers, and communication lines can be a matter of life and death. Surge protection is vital to prevent unexpected power surges from affecting medical equipment, patient records, and critical communication systems. This ensures continuous patient care and the smooth functioning of life-saving equipment.

Public Safety Departments
In the realm of public safety, including police, fire, and emergency services, communication systems such as modems, routers, and Wi-Fi access points must be operational 24/7. Surge protectors play a crucial role in ensuring these systems are always functional, enabling rapid response and coordination in emergencies.