DB9 Surge Protection

DB9 Connections Surge Protection for Incoming and Outgoing Communication Wires using DB9 Connections

Surge Suppressor
Multistage hybrid design
One DB9 female connection; One DB9 male connection;
Maximum system voltage (peak): 23VDC
Max Data Rate: 10Mbps
Max amperage: 500mA
Response Time: < 1 nanosecond
Series Resistance: < 0.1 ohm
Ten Year Unlimited Free Replacement
Strength: 5000 watts per wire
Enclosure Type: High impact, Non metallic
Din rail or screw down mountable

Model Numbers & Specs

The Transient Protection Design focus is on you the end user and your needs, protecting your electrical distribution, telecommunications, and data systems throughout your facility. Installing the TPD-DB9 surge suppression products on controls will improve system reliability and increase downtime and costly repairs. Units are installed to protect power along with communication lines. Surge Protect RS232 communication lines with DB9 connections between two systems or remote locations.

PDF – Church – Protect phone lines & lighting controls from lightning…Reduce maintenance & repair costs
PDF – Nashville Baptist Church – Reduce elevator downtime & service calls
PDF – New Age Electric – Clean up power disturbances…Protect lighting controls from dirty power
PDF – Residential – Protect computers from large surges
PDF – Residential Landry – Lightning arcs thru air & enters home thru electrical outlet in exterior wall
PDF – Retirement & Nursing Home – Fire alarm, phone & computer…Reduce downtime…ROI < 1 year
PDF – Ryan Associates – Protect appliances, pumps, & ceiling fans against surges from utility brownouts