Distribution Panel Surge Protection

Distribution Panel surge protection, manufactured by Total Protection Solutions, for all breaker panels, service entrance panels and distribution panels both indoor and outdoor.  Manufactured by Total Protection Solutions


30 Year Warranty Including Lightning
Enhanced Transient Filter
Listed UL1283 EMI/RFI Filter
Listed UL1449 3rd Edition Surge Suppressor
TYPE 1 SPD& Type 2 SPD
Nema 4 Steel Weather Proof Enclosure
Up to 400kA Per Phase Peak Surge Current
200kAIC Short Circuit Current Rating
Can be installed on any amperage panel
Component level fusing
All mode protection

Model Numbers


Total Protection Solutions, LLC. ServiceTrack models are ideal for distribution panel and branch panel applications.  Compact design offers easy installation. The optional enhanced transient filter will extend your equipment life and reliability.

PDF – Casinos – extended bulbs/ballasts life…reduced downtime & circuit board replacement
PDF – Gas & Convenience – eliminate system reboots & loss of CRIND sale authorizations
PDF – Hospital Imaging Equipment – protect mobile imaging systems…filtering to protect ultrasound unit
PDF – Stone Quarry – scales & data processing…reduce yearly electrical maintenance costs by 33%
PDF – Schools – Protect equipment for carpentry, machining, millwright, hair styling & computer classes