BNC Analog Cameras Surge Protection

Analog Cameras Surge Protection for DVRs and Outdoor Analog Cameras BNC or F Type Connections

Surge Suppressor
Camera and composite video
Solid state fail-safe design
Ten Year Unlimited Free Replacement
Operating Frequency: 500MHz
Maximum continues operating voltage: 9V
High Definition Compatible: Yes
Response Time: < 1 nanosecond
Strength: 20kA amps per wire
Series Resistance: < 0.1 ohm
Insertion Loss: <2.6db @ 1.2GHz
Din rail or screw down mount indoors or in enclosure if exposed to weather
BNC male connection (special order F-Type connection available)

Model Numbers & Specs

Surge protect security and surveillance cameras and DVR’s from lightning. When lightning strikes energy can be induced onto outdoor camera wires that destroy both camera and DVR systems. Once lightning energy gets onto these copper lines it looks for ground. In most cases the energy will travel through DVR’s (or Network switches) to find the power ground. When cameras are located remote from the building on metal poles and no isolation from ground the surge can travel towards the camera and out the case ground. In these same situation lightning can also travel up ground into the camera and then into the facility ground.

Another way lightning can damage camera systems is by creating ground currents (aka ground loops) in the system. When outdoor cameras are powered remotely, or any camera is powered by a different breaker panel than powers the DVR or network, a nearby lightning strike can produce damaging ground currents within the system. Parking lots, public garages, storage facilities, and large custom homes with multiple buildings suffer some of the most severe damage from nearby lightning strikes. This is the result of different ground potentials within the system.

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