Service Entrance Surge Protection

Service Entrance surge protection at industrial service entrances is a vital investment to protect the entire facility, safeguard expensive equipment, minimize downtime, extend equipment longevity, enhance safety, protect data and control systems, ensure business continuity, and comply with industry standards. It is a proactive measure that contributes to the reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness of industrial operations.

How To Surge Protect Service Entrances

Surge Protect 277/480 Volt Panels: TPX-3Y480-F-100

Surge Protect 120/208 Volt Panels: TPX-3Y208-F-100


The Importance of Surge Protecting Service Entrances

Protecting the Entire Facility
Industrial service entrances are the primary points of electrical entry into industrial facilities. Surge events, such as lightning strikes or power surges, can send damaging voltage spikes throughout the facility's electrical system. TPD surge protection at the service entrance acts as the first line of defense, preventing these harmful surges from reaching and damaging critical equipment inside the facility.

Safeguarding Expensive Equipment
Industrial facilities typically house a wide array of expensive machinery and electronic equipment, including motors, control systems, PLCs, and instrumentation. These assets are vulnerable to voltage fluctuations and surges, which can result in equipment damage or failure. TPD surge protection at the service entrance ensures the protection of these valuable assets, reducing the risk of costly repairs or replacements.

Minimizing Downtime
Downtime in industrial settings can have significant financial repercussions. When electrical surges damage equipment or disrupt operations, it can lead to costly downtime, missed production targets, and lost revenue. TPD surge protection helps prevent downtime by maintaining the integrity of the electrical infrastructure.

Enhancing Equipment Longevity
Frequent voltage surges can degrade the lifespan of equipment and electrical components. TPD surge protection prolongs the lifespan of equipment by reducing stress on components, thereby decreasing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Improving Safety
Industrial facilities often have strict safety requirements and regulations. TPD surge protection enhances safety by preventing electrical hazards associated with surges, such as arc flashes, which can endanger personnel and damage equipment.

Protecting Data and Control Systems
Many industrial processes rely on advanced control and monitoring systems that are susceptible to electrical surges. TPD surge protection safeguards these systems, preventing data loss, control system disruptions, and production inefficiencies.

Ensuring Business Continuity
For many industries, uninterrupted operation is critical. TPD surge protection at the service entrance helps ensure business continuity by preventing surges that could otherwise disrupt operations, halt production, and affect customer commitments.

Complying with Industry Standards
Some industries have specific standards and regulations that require surge protection at service entrances to ensure safety and reliability. Compliance with these standards is essential to avoid penalties and maintain industry certifications.


PDF – Concrete Company – Protect electronic controls from lightning…Eliminate downtime…ROI in days
PDF – Gas Station – No electrical service calls for 2 years after installation of TPS suppression/filter units
PDF – Gas & Convenience – Eliminate system reboots & loss of CRIND sale authorizations
PDF – Shell Gas & Convenience – Protect A/C compressor, phone/data, DVD recording & gas dispensers
PDF – Hospital Imaging Equipment – Protect mobile imaging systems…Filtering to protect ultrasound unit
PDF – Stone Quarry – Scales & data processing…Reduce yearly electrical maintenance costs by 33%
PDF – Stockton College of NJ – Protect HVAC, lighting systems & bulbs/ballasts…ROI in one year
PDF – Water Treatment – Water booster plants, sewage treatment plants, & sewage pumping stations