What We Do

The Problem: Transient Surges & Poor Power Quality

Every facility has its own unique configuration and surge challenges. System incompatibility has become an overwhelming issue in today’s high-tech world of computers, printers, electronic power supplies, and sensitive silicon-based microchips. Mix this modern equipment with traditional electrical systems wrought with high frequency noise, transients, and surges – and you have a recipe for disaster and liability.

Electrical disturbances cost North American companies more than $26 billion each year. For large businesses, even a few minutes in operational disruption can cause millions of dollars in lost information and revenue. The price tag of downtime is often ten times the cost of repair alone.

The Answer: A Total Protection Design

A TPD System is designed to safeguard your power, data and grounds going to mission-critical components. A properly designed TPD system will solve many of the electrical failures experienced by residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. A TPD Total Protection Design will ensure a dramatic reduction in facility downtime, as well as protect you from annoying equipment lock-ups and glitches on a continual basis.

Transient Protection Design offers the most experienced power quality professionals to assess your power quality risk and design a solution based upon your individual needs.

Transient Protection Design will provide custom solutions for all industries including government, municipal, residential, commercial, industrial & manufacturing, houses of worship, and universities.

We provide:

  • Transient Exposure & Risk Assessment Surveys
  • Product Technology Selection and Design Assistance
  • Whole Facility Protection & Grounding Diagrams
  • Installation and Grounding Recommendations
  • Educational Power Quality Technology Seminars
  • SPD Guide Form Specifications for Engineers
  • Liability and Opt-Out Quotations
  • Post-Sale Installation Assessment

Transient Protection Design Benefits: What You Get

Reduce The Risk & Liability of Electrical Maintenance and Repair Cost.

A TPD power system will protect your equipment investment from costly repairs due to high frequency electrical noise & transients. If a protection system is not adequately designed or neglected, the systems integrator may incur the potential liability of having a design flaw to insurance companies. Whether its lightning damage or small internal spikes eroding electronic circuit connections and making them unstable, it is the designer’s job to protect against this. When sensitive electronics prematurely fail, the chance of it happening again is double.

Reduce Equipment Lockup, Glitches and Downtime.
Because of transient surges, computers, satellite receivers, Ethernet switches, servers, flight simulators and all things with a circuit board in it can glitch and hang up at times, and must be reset. Whether it’s serious damage or just a nuisance lockup, there is a reason for it. In the microscopic setting of a circuit board any sized transient surge that is introduced into the system can and will eventually cause a problem – if a hand shake is lost or if a single digit is misinterpreted, electronic systems will lock up. Overtime blisters are formed and one day that one circuit trace does not work correctly, and costs add up for a system that did not work to its peak performance.

Increase Reliability & Equipment Life.
Transient Protection Design products will suppress and neutralize any potentially damaging spikes or surges in power. High frequency noise is filtered and reduced to harmless levels, preventing the long-term degradation of your equipment by transient disruption, far extending its useful life.

Reduce Insurance & Liability Risk.
Electrical Engineers and Systems Integrators need to ask the question – “What can I do to make sure that as the designer, I have limited my liability for electronic failure/disaster?” Installing a Transient Protection Design concept during design and construction is an excellent way to start.

Maximize Return On Investment.
Lifecycle savings analysis is important in measuring the cumulative savings over the useful life of your initial investment on long-life products. The Transient Protection Design offers products with a standard 25 year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential free replacement warranty. This will ensure you receive maximum life cycle savings. Factor in the increased productivity of your equipment over the years and you will have cost justification that you can bank on.

Our optimum layered TPD power system will protect ALL copper lines entering and leaving your home or business, without fail.

By properly installing and networking a Transient Protection Design in your home or facility, our cutting edge surge protection devices (SPDs) will provide solid protection against the high frequency transients, surges, and noise present in all of your sensitive and expensive electrical systems. The resulting Transient Protection Design will dramatically improve the total operating efficiency and reliability of the electrical system.

The utilization of a Transient Protection Design Power System will:

  • Increase system reliability
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Reduce electrical maintenance and equipment repair costs
  • Increase productivity & uptime