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  • EV Charger

    EV Charger Surge Protection

    Just like HVAC and refrigeration equipment turning on and off, EV Chargers create surges that travel back to the breaker panel, potentially damaging other equipment in the building. Protecting your home from the surges generated by EV charging stations helps prevent damage to other equipment in the home.

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    Letter to a Builder on the Importance of Surge Protection

    Transients account for an astounding 85-95% of all power-related problems, making them the most recurrent and, crucially, the most disruptive and destructive anomalies in power quality. Transient Protection Design surge protection products for both power and data are safeguards against transients.

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    Electrical Transfer Surges and Their Impact

    Navigating the quirks of automatic transfer switch equipment is vital in our digitally powered age. So, take charge and ensure your electronics are shielded and ready for anything with TPD surge suppression.

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