Electrical Transfer Surges and Their Impact

Understanding Electrical Transfer Surges: A Simple Guide

Electrical disturbances from the electric grid are no strangers to many businesses. These glitches, called voltage transients, can stem from various causes, like utility capacitor bank switching, operation of reclosers, or even the occasional tree branch brushing against power lines. To counter these disturbances, many have surge protection installed on service entrance panels or rely on Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). But there's a curveball: the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).


Digging Deeper: What's an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)?

Imagine your facility experiencing a prolonged power disturbance. Enter the ATS. It's a backup system that takes over, diverting the power source from the main electric grid to a backup generator. Depending on the business, backup power might support just the essential things like emergency lighting or refrigeration. Or in places like hospitals or banks, where even a momentary power outage can lead to chaos, backup might sustain the entire operation.


The Catch with an ATS

Switching gears with an ATS isn't always smooth sailing. It can generate a sharp transient voltage. And, any electronic device unprotected against surges switching from utility power to generator power and vice versa is in the line of fire. This transient voltage can either damage the device or cut short its expected life.


Today's electronics, even the now-common LED lights, are delicate. Though they come with some protective barriers, they aren't always foolproof. It's a stark contrast to older times when backup power switches meant just a flickering bulb and minor hiccups in devices.


Keeping Your Electronics Safe

While many electronics boast in-built protective features, they're not always up to par. It's a good strategy to consider added guards like a UPS equipped with surge protection and even a separate surge protectors. If you're tapping into backup power, make sure your surge protector is in the mix to defend those all-important emergency devices. Remember, without layered protection, you're risking your valuable electronics.


Wrapping Up

Navigating the quirks of ATS equipment is vital in our digitally powered age. So, take charge and ensure your electronics are shielded and ready for anything with TPD surge suppression.

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