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  • Amplifier Rack Surge Protection

    Amplifier Surge Protection

    Running speaker wires out to numerous outdoor speakers is like creating a giant copper antenna that attracts lightning. Once lightning finds itself inside the building it can easily destroy the amp and migrate to other equipment in the rack or in the electrical panel feeding the rack.

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  • Time is Money TPD Surge

    TPD Surge Protection is a Quick Return on Investment

    When unprotected equipment fails, locks up, or glitches it may create a plethora of problems in an electronic system causing downtime, service calls, loss of productivity, and loss of time to enjoy the system. A properly installed TPD surge suppression system can maintain the peak performance of equipment for the longest possible time and save the customer money year after year.

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    Lightning Protection is Structural Protection

    Lightning systems, once installed, become a potential problem for the electronics in the house. Lightning protection is not surge protection. Lightning protection does not protect electronics from lightning: it attracts lightning. When the lightning system takes a hit, significant energy is emitted as a Lightning Electro-Magnetic Pulse (LEMP) and it can be induced directly onto internal wiring. Lightning protection systems require surge protection and, in fact, any UL certified Lightning Protection System mandates the installation of an ANSI/UL1449 listed Surge Protection Device.

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    Cable and Data System Surge Protection

    An unprotected or incorrectly grounded cable or data wire in one system can allow ground potentials to migrate to other cable and data systems producing large scale damage across the whole system during a lightning strike. Tens of thousands of dollars in damage can happen with one lightning strike, and it is very often due to an unprotected or incorrectly grounded data wire. By applying TPD surge protection products on incoming and outgoing cable and data lines, you can be assured...

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    Electronic Failures, Lockups and Glitches

    A Transient Protection Design panel mount surge suppressor installed on breaker, lighting, and distribution panels is the most cost-effective way to protect expensive electronics and appliances from immediate damage and long-term damage from degrading transients which cause electronics to glitch and significantly shorten their life span.

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    Whole Home Surge Protection & the Benefits to the Systems Integrator

    When properly installed, a whole home surge protection system prevents problems from electrical surges on protected pathways. This means when trouble shooting lockups, glitches, poor equipment performance, and continued electrical damage, a systems integrator needs...

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