TPD Surge Protection is a Quick Return on Investment

You might be familiar with the phrase “time is money.” This phrase is true to both the customer and the systems integrator. When unprotected equipment fails, locks up, or glitches it may create a plethora of problems in an electronic system causing downtime, service calls, loss of productivity, and loss of time to enjoy the system. All electronics suffer degradation slowly over time, but their life can be dramatically extended if electronics are surge protected correctly. Without any surge protection, electronics will degrade faster, lock up, and glitch more often than if they were properly protected. Using the best possible surge suppressor from TPD will maintain the peak performance of equipment for the longest possible time.


Return on Investment (ROI) means that investing in TPD surge protection pays for itself in a certain period of time (up to two years or as quickly as one lightning season) as repair/replacement costs were mitigated because of TPD products. Life cycle savings means that after a customer has already had a return on investment, the customer continues to save that amount of money every year. A properly installed TPD surge suppression system can save the customer money year after year. Explaining ROI to end users helps them to see the importance of installing a TPD surge suppression system in their home or business.


Now, homes and businesses have increasingly more sensitive electronics. In addition to lighting and home automation systems, there are elevators, generators, HVAC systems, and more that need to be protected. The great news is that a Transient Protection Design system will continue to pay for itself for many years to come and provide the owner with benefits such as: significantly reducing life cycle maintenance costs, increasing equipment reliability, improving productivity, and lowering repair costs.


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Time is Money TPD Surge