Surge Protect Automatic Transfer Switch

Why Protect All Panels Fed by Emergency Generators?
In certain commercial facilities the 2104 National Electrical Code requires that a surge suppressor be installed on all panels fed by emergency generators. The NEC recognizes that there is a need to protect the equipment fed by the emergency panel from surges or dirty power coming from the generator. This is true whether there is a storm or other event causing loss of power and generator operation, or whether the generator comes on during its monthly testing (generators need regular maintenance and testing to be reliable). Generators do not always provide the cleanest power or a nice sinusoidal waveform that electronics need to operate effectively and sustain longevity. Therefore we hear many instances of generators killing the very equipment they were designed to keep powered. In most cases by installing a quality surge suppressor with enhanced filtering on the electrical panel fed by the generator will protect all equipment on that panel from the dirty generator power.

Surge Protect Network Wire Coming from Generator Transfer Switch
Depending on the location of the transfer switch it is recommend in high exposure areas to protect any data line coming from transfer switch to the homes network.

Military Grade Protection
Transient Protection Design Products are used in some of the toughest conditions in some of the most remote places in the world. We are proud to be able to help protect our military and their equipment!