DB9 Surge Protection

DB9 Connections Surge Protection for Incoming and Outgoing Communication Wires using DB9 Connections

SLP Communication Lines Surge Protection

HVAC, Thermostats, Pool Controls, Security, Irrigation Systems & 4-20mA current loops, Two, Four, Six, Eight, Ten wire terminal and RJ45...

VDIAL Over Under Voltage Shut Off

Over Under Voltage Shutoff With Time DelaySmart switch turns off power if it senses a low or high voltage and restores power 3 to 5 minutes later with...

GLSF Ground Loop Surge Protection

Ground Loop Surge Protection. Protects from Ground Loops and Ground Potentials Plug In and Hardwired options

Ground Bar for Surge Protection

Ground Bar for Surge Protection.  Grounding point for multiple grounds coming from data surge suppressors

Din Rail for Mounting Surge Protectors

Din Rail Din Rail for Mounting Surge Protectors

Rack Mountable Din Rail

19 Inch Rack Mountable din rail, 1 and 2 Layer Options