Why Should Integrators & Electricians Recommend Surge Suppression On Service Calls?

It’s a Holiday Day Weekend!  The kickoff of the summer and your clients are going to start using their electronic devices indoors and outdoors.  Vacation properties that often are not in use half the year are getting turned on and powered up once again for the summer season.  Sometimes equipment will not turn on and electronics will not work, and the question that will be asked is, “What happened?   Why do these things not work when we want them too?”

Electronic controls and equipment will not function properly at times and service calls happen for one reason or another.  If the malfunction was a lockup, glitch or electronic failure the preventive fix for it to not happen again is to install TPD surge protection.   See what IEEE Institute Of Electronic and Electrical Engineers have to say.

Having a few things turned on at one time in a home is one thing.  Having everything on at one time, data and power devices all interconnected, and information flowing in all directions is quite another thing.   It is at this moment the benefits of TPD  surge suppression with enhanced filtering come into play the most.  To make sure that the protection devices are installed correctly, see TPD Design Diagrams.

Surged can be generated internal to your home, slowly degrade electronics, and cause lockups, glitches and malfunctions in your electronics when you need them most.  Understanding the importance of surge suppression and how it relates to service calls is good for everyone involved.  Quality surge suppression properly installed at the correct locations will save your client lots of aggravation in the short term and lots of money in the long term.