What is Whole Home Surge Protection & What are the Benefits to the Systems Integrator?

Whole home surge protection is best explained by our Transient Protection Design Selector Guide. The protection guide shows that each incoming and exiting copper wire (phone, data, coax, speaker, and power) should be surge protected, as well as each electrical breaker panel (service entrance and all sub panels). This shield or ring of protection around the home protects all equipment from the effects of damaging surge energy, no matter the origin of the surge or what wire or cable the surge energy is on.

When properly installed, a whole home surge protection system will rule out electrical surges as the potential problem on protected pathways.  This means when trouble shooting lockups, glitches, poor equipment performance, and continued electrical damage, a systems integrator needs a plan of attack. This plan of attack must include surge protection.  If power were perfect, electronics would work perfectly and last forever.  This is almost never the case since without quality surge suppression and filtering, electronics wear out overtime due to externally and internally generated transients in the electrical system.  Even small surges will degrade electronics over time causing lockups and glitches, and this degradation will happen sooner rather than later if the electronics are not protected from the transients.  Medium level surges will destroy equipment in a few events, whereas large surges such as a lightning strike impulse can cause immediate destruction and widespread damage.  Owners will think that one surge event caused the damage; however the reality is that unprotected power supplies and circuit boards degrade slowly over time.  As they weaken they degrade and can fail on any size surge event.  As circuit chips degrade it also leads to additional lockups and glitches and gives equipment subpar performance.

If electronics fail once, chances are they will fail again if nothing is done to address the cause of the failure.  The owner may look to you to stop any problem from happening a second time.  Offering a whole home Transient Protection Design gives the owner an opportunity to make a permanent upgrade to their electrical system.  This will same them money every year by reducing electrical repair costs and downtime, as well as by extending the life of all equipment in the home.  Each property has its own unique power system and utility grid to deal with.  Some power systems have more issues than others.   It is the owners’ responsibility to protect his investment, and the best way for the owner to do so is to allow you to implement the proven protection system that you are offering.  It is the owners’ choice to be protected or not protected.   By not offering a Transient Protection Design you set yourself up for future problems and issues.