What Are the Benefits of a TPS Surge Suppression System in a Casino?

If a slot machine or any other video/electronic based gaming equipment fails or glitches it’s a big problem.  Security and network equipment are also critical to the operation of a casino, and reliance solely on plug in type surge suppressors is not the best way to assure maximum performance and uptime.  Generators and UPS equipment give the casino backup power which is critical for many reasons, however, if something fails or glitches because of a transient surge that backup power will not help.  Lighting and climate control are also a very intricate part of the casinos inner workings.  A casino needs to maintain maximum uptime on all equipment.  Without a properly coordinated Transient Protection Designed surge suppression system a Casino will not work to peak performance.

Gaming equipment, lighting controls, digital signage, building automation equipment, and kitchen equipment all have power supplies and electronic controls/circuit boards that are susceptible to transient voltage surges, whether internally or externally generated.  These surges degrade electronics causing lockups and glitches, and overtime cause premature failure.  In a high paced environment such as a casino there is no room for errors, glitches or downtime.   Scheduled maintenance is much better on casino technicians than being forced to operate under extreme pressure due to unplanned downtime.  Installing TPS suppression filter units on each electrical panel feeding critical loads will dramatically reduce downtime and electrical repair costs.   See our casino surge suppression case study


  1. Dramatic reduction in circuit board repair and replacement to electronic loads.

  2. Dramatic reduction in downtime to slot machines and more reliable predictable payouts on slots directly affecting your bottom line.

  3. Reduced repair and replacement of all protected lighting systems (bulbs, ballasts, and LED drivers).

  4. Significantly improved reliability and performance of all the protected electronic and electrical equipment.

  5. Overall reduction of operational maintenance and capital equipment costs across the board.

  6. Increased profitability.