TPS Protects Richard Stockton College of New Jersey


In the past several years, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey was experiencing some severe and therefore costly events on campus.  These events were leading to HVAC maintenance as well as both bulbs and ballasts lighting replacements.  These issues were not only being caused by lightning generated surge voltages, but were also the result of periodic outages.  After these sporadic outages with restoration of power came severe surges leading to the loss of equipment in several different buildings on the campus.


In 2012 the College installed Total Protection Solutions surge suppressors in the buildings that were experiencing equipment loss.  Installing these units has produced significant decreases in hardware replacement, repair labor and costly downtime.  The Total Protection Solutions units were selected because they have an enhanced filter that eliminates glitches, programming errors, and degradation of sensitive electronics due to internally generated surges that occur thousands of times a day.  Matt Butenhoff, the Electrical Supervisor of the College believes that this upgrade “is providing highly beneficial to the College” and that the College can “already see a return on its investment since installing Total Protection Solutions surge suppressors.”


Given the excellent return the College is already experiencing the Electrical Supervisor is encouraging the continued installation of Total Protection Solutions filtering suppressors on lighting systems throughout the campus as well as Total Protection Solutions units that protect data processing, communications and other sensitive electronic systems.  With 25 and 30 year warranties, Total Protection Solutions will protect the College for many, many years and produce huge life cycle savings for the College.  Click here to see the full letter of recommendation.