TPD Celebrates Earth Day Everyday!

Remember when Earth Day (April 22) used to be about removing trash in rivers and parks? Now it means so much more. There are countless ways to save energy, water and other vital resources, while being eco-friendly and green. And, let’s not prematurely fill up our landfills with e-waste.


Implementing a Transient Protection Design is one of the most important ways we can help protect the environment. As a company we are proud to say to our dealers that the main goal of our product line is to improve the sustainability of your electrical and electronic equipment. In turn this protection will allow the equipment to achieve maximum life and maximum performance, and overtime allow your systems to save more energy and more money for the facility owner.

Pumps, motors, controls, bulbs and ballasts, heating, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, DVRs, amps, and TVs all have an expected lifespan, but that estimated useful life is usually based near perfect power in a laboratory. It does not account for wiring insulation, circuit board and power supply gradual degradation from transient voltage surges. Owners understand the costs of ownership and downtime/loss of use. How long their equipment lasts and how well it performs is important to them. If something fails to operate once, chances are that it will fail again if nothing different is done to protect it. Hawaii Home Before and After Case Study

The IEEE Emerald book discusses this in section, Type-II, gradual hardware stress and latent failures… A single lightning or switching surge often causes immediate, but not readily apparent physical damage to semiconductor devices. This damage then finally appears at some late time at which point the failure is obvious. This once controversial, but now accepted condition is called latent semiconductor device failure.

Everyone knows that a single lightning strike or other large surge event can cause immediate destruction to any equipment. But, even if the remaining energy actually getting to a circuit board or power supply from a lightning strike is not large enough to destroy the board, the effects of the surge energy will cause premature failure at some point in the future. Even if lightning and power company surges would never happen again, overtime circuit boards and power supplies will prematurely fail due to the cumulative effect of internally generated transients caused by operation of equipment. And, before total failure occurs, the deteriorated chips slow processing functions and cause intermittent errors, lockups, and reprogramming issues. This is why IEEE recommends both surge protection (for large impulses such as lightning) and filtering (to prevent gradual degradation to circuit boards and electronic loads). A TK-TTLP-1S240-FL power filter on the breaker panel is the most cost effective way to protect all loads.


Electronics are a major part of our everyday life, and everyone benefits from sustainability, efficiency, and protection of our environment by not prematurely filling up landfills.