Surge Protection for Commercial Buildings

In a commercial facility probably all electronic systems were specified by electrical engineers working with architects. Lockups, glitches, handshakes in a commercial automation system are not something the building’s electrician wants to trouble shoot.   In a commercial facility the electrical person may not be able to properly fix an automation related issue.  At the same time the systems integrator may fix or replace damaged equipment but does not want to get involved with the power system and with recommending three phase surge protection.  Consequently, often no one wants to leave his or her comfort zone and step up to the plate and recommend a coordinated surge protection system for the entire commercial building (AC power panels, phone, network/data, security systems, cable, etc.).


The systems integrator can suggest surge protection for commercial buildings by using the products listed on the TPD commercial selector guide.   All the products can be installed during new construction or on a retrofit basis.  A few TPD surge protectors located in the correct locations can eliminate surge related lockups, glitches, reprogramming issues, and system degradation.   That same TPD system can also prevent catastrophic loss to electrical and electronic equipment from major events such as lightning strikes and grid surges (whether caused by the power utility, tornadoes, hurricanes, solar flares or other extreme events).  Whether you are surge protecting a custom home, doctor’s office, data center, convenience store, restaurant, bar, stadium, church, school, carwash, small or large office building, chances are the systems integrator will be the most qualified person to protect the owner’s investment in technology.


Information is a valuable thing. Once a building goes up and the electronics are installed everyone goes home.  The client is left with a building and its internal systems.  The power system is the owners responsibility to maintain.  No one guaranteed them perfect power.  Sort of like the plumbing system —  no one guaranteed that that the pipes will never leak.  The owners should understand that the power and the electrical system in their building is now their responsibly.   If something fails or glitches once, chances are it will fail or glitch again without quality surge protection being installed.

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