Say Goodbye to 2013 and to the Incandescent Bulb!

December 31 marks the end of 2013 and the end of the incandescent light bulb era for the United States.  On January 1, 2014 efficiency standards will go into effect that end the manufacturing of inefficient 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs (the 100 watt has already been phased out).  Incandescent bulbs are inefficient because 90% of the energy they produce is wasted as heat.


While the LED will illuminate the world in the foreseeable future, there are still many compact fluorescent bulbs throughout the home and business. But, regardless of whether the homeowner is using LEDs or compact fluorescents, there is one component present in the new bulbs that was not present in the old incandescent bulbs – and that component is the circuit board.  Whether built into the compact fluorescent bulb or built into the driver that powers the LEDs, circuit boards are sensitive and cannot handle the surge impulses that the older incandescents could.   Not only is the cost of the new lights much more than the old incandescents, but who wants to change out bulbs regardless of cost?  That being the case, why not surge protect the LED circuit boards and make sure that all compact fluorescents and LEDs last as long as possible?


By far the easiest way to surge protect lights (and their controls) is to surge protect each breaker panel feeding the LED lights with a TPS panel mounted surge suppressor.  And, since the circuit boards can be surge damaged over time by even small spikes and transients, the surge suppressor should also have an effective transient filter that will protect the sensitive boards from even the small, internally generated transients caused by the daily operation of equipment in the home (such as pumps, air conditioners, garbage disposals, printers, vacuum cleaners, heat pumps, fan motors, etc.).  Check out the TTLP and ST Series surge protector models found at www.TPDsurge.com.  And, that TTLP or ST unit on the electrical panel will also protect all other equipment (appliances, HVAC, computers, TVs, garage door openers, etc.) fed by the breaker panel as well as your new LED bulbs!

As they say, “Out with the old –in with the new.”