Lutron Recommends Transient Protection Design Surge Suppression - Are you?

Less service calls equals better client satisfaction which equals more referrals and more jobs! See technical note from Lutron recommending Transient Protection Design surge suppression as part of that solution.

Improved service quality will increase your economic competitiveness. Systems integrators can eliminate unnecessary downtime and damage by offering a Transient Protection Design surge suppression system.  Your next referral depends on the quality of work you offer and that can be best shown years later when examining old jobs and your clients of the past.  Are they happy? Are they still your client?

Some geographic areas have more power problems than others. Some custom homes are in fields, on top of hills, near water, or just the largest structure with the best ground in the areas which makes them a lightning magnet. A transient protection design surge suppression system provides clean AC power and protects data lines, all of which improves equipment performance and reliability. Utility power is not perfect and you never know what extreme weather Mother Nature is going to throw at us.  If Lutron recommends TPD surge suppression that can help mitigate lightning and power related issues, wouldn’t you want to offer that same level or quality to your client?

Do what major manufacturers such as Lutron, Savant and Pakedge recommend.  Increase your company’s economic effectiveness by having less downtime, less service calls, and less late night phone calls. Phone Transient Protection Design at 888-281-7856 or email tim@tpdsurge.com to learn how to make your company more effective using TPD products and support.