How to Protect Crestron & Lutron Dimming Modules from Lightning!

Lightning is in the area and you are losing dimming modules in your lighting system.  This usually means there are unprotected 24V, 120V or 240 volt pathways coming into your dimming modules from outside the structure.   If these lightning surges get to the dimming modules they can ultimately spread thruoughout the home damaging lighting and home automation systems on the way to ground.  The fix is easy!  Please see the TPD design drawing for lighting system.


By using the TK-LT120-20A-DIN2 power filter and surge suppressor shown in the picture above, lightning can be suppressed, filtered and diverted safely to ground before it ever gets to the dimming module.   This strategy is over 99% percent effective in protecting individual 24V, 120V and 240V circuits feeding any piece of equipment.  Outdoor pumps, fountains, pools controls and gates can all be surge and power filter protected.  At times, being the systems integrator forces you to work with sub systems that you did not install.  It could be the security, the irrigation, the pool equipment or a camera system.  It is essential to understand the potential problem areas and recommend to the end user that just replacing equipment without adding surge suppression is a bad idea.  At minimum protect your equipment but being a trained professional you can advise the end user that those systems need proper protection.


If something fails once and nothing is done to prevent it, chances are it is going to fail again.  To change the status quo and surge protect against the same thing from happening again is in everyone’s best interest.  When the customer is made aware of all the pathways that lightning can enter the facility on, understanding what can be done to prevent certain types of damage will get easier.  Eliminate these problems and it will not take long for the customer to realize that being protected is better than being exposed!