How Do Tornadoes & Lightning Affect Utility Power & Damage Your Electronics?

Now that the storm season has arrived, is your customer protected?  It’s not the power company’s responsibility if your electronics lockup, glitch, or suffer a premature death due to a catastrophic event caused by Mother Nature.  At TPD we understand how devastating extreme storms can be to the individuals involved and their investments.  Power surges and lightning strikes can be instantly induced onto utility lines from miles away when tornadoes hit.  Lightning can also ride in on phone and coax lines.  Once the power grid is affected this damaging surge energy enters the home, office or industrial plant via the power lines.  Brown outs and black outs also send damaging sags and surges into your home or facility.  We hear story after story of how storms damage tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars’ worth of electronics.   In the past many customers assumed that the electrical grid was safe and took for granted that nothing additional needed to be done to protect their electrical and electronic equipment.  As losses mount, and insurance companies threaten to drop coverage unless protection is installed, customers are now inquiring more and more about surge suppression.

TPD is committed to helping our dealers explain to their customers that they need to take control of their home and business electrical system, and the electrical and electronic equipment that is connected to it.  The electric utility normally does not explain to the customer that once power gets into the home or other facility that it is the customer’s responsibility to protect their equipment.  The power grid was developed to supply basic power for motors and incandescent light bulbs.  The grid was not designed to supply computer grade power for our electronics.  Powering electronics and keeping them safe from external and internal transients that cause degradation, destruction, lockups, and glitches is the responsibility of the end user — not the public utility!

While we may not always be in the direct path of the storm, because of the electrical grid our connection to these storms reaches out over massive areas.  This means that your home or business will most likely have damaging surge energy sent into it on a yearly basis.  Understanding the electrical grid and what can come into the home or business is only half the battle.   Having your systems integrator install a Transient Protection Design system is the other half, and it is this half which saves the equipment and saves the owner money.  With its industry leading warranty, those savings will continue for years to come.