How do I Protect DVRs & Outdoor Cameras from Lightning?

We frequently receive phone calls and emails stating “we have cameras located outside and lightning keeps taking them out!  What do we do?”  Cameras and NVR's monitor the property and record activity, and help keep us safe and secure at home and at work. A simple motion setting and email can let you know each and every time someone comes to the door or enters a facility. When programmed correctly the information captured by these systems is invaluable to a home or business.  Reducing potential liability alone is priceless for a business. When lightning hits a structure or strikes the earth nearby the energy can be induced onto outdoor camera wires that come from inside the home or business.  These copper lines carry the image, sound and power from the NVR or network switch to the camera.  Once lightning energy gets onto these copper lines it looks for ground.  In most cases the energy will travel through Network switches to find the power ground.