How Do I Protect Digital & Lighted Signs and Reduce Their Electrical Maintenance Costs?

Signs have come a long way in technology.  However, if the signs are illuminated, they still have the same problems as they did in the past.  They are prone to surge damage, and fixing a damaged sign costs money!   If your sign has a few lights outs or has erratic operation/glitches, the sign is not going to look good to the customer.  If a digital sign is damaged it can be discolored or maybe even not turn on, which is even worse than a single light out in an older sign.  Either way, both signs will require a service call.  They may even need to use a bucket truck or high lift.  Service and maintenance on signage are typically much more expensive than other equipment because of the height, size, and location.  Add in more technology, more LED’s and drivers, and more digital signs and the electronic maintenance of these systems start to add up quickly.


Like every other piece of electronic equipment in any facility, the electronic sign requires surge protection to assure maximum uptime and performance.  Fortunately this is easily accomplished by installing the LoadTrack series wired surge suppressor and power filer at each sign.  This unit protects individual 120 and 250 volt circuits up to 30 amps.  Another common way to protect signs, especially digital signs that are indoors, is by protecting the breaker panels feeding the sign with a breaker panel surge suppressor and power filter.  This unit is easy to install on any breaker panel and protects the digital sign and all other equipment fed by the breaker panel.


We have listened to our customers’ problems and have developed solutions that eliminate all types of transient/surge issues.  A Transient Protection Design reduces your electrical maintenance cost and increases your life cycle savings every year you own your digital sign.  Elevators, air handlers, imaging equipment, and many other types of equipment in the facility all create large numbers of surges.  The net result is that the elimination of transient induced wear and damage can result in large maintenance savings for all types of electronic equipment.   Protect your equipment.  Protect it!