How Can Surge Protection Help a House of Worship Save Money?

Churches spend millions of dollars each year due to lightning and surge damage to their electronic systems. Failure or damage to church equipment isn’t automatically covered by a commercial property insurance policy. Nor will it cover losses due to lost income, spoiled inventory, replacement costs, rush repairs and more. Churches are jammed full of electronics that need surge protection.  Downtime, failure, and glitches in the churches electronic system of any sort cause financial loss for the organization. Transient Protection Design offers surge protection products to protect and maintain peak performance of all church electronics including church lighting systems, organs, mixing consoles, amplifiers, video projectors, elevators, kitchen appliances, and computers. TPD will also protect the heating and air conditioning systems. See Transient Protection Design information sheet for protecting churches.

Surge protection at the church starts with panel mount surge protection and power filtering on each church breaker panel including the lighting panels (See left image).  Additional TPD surge protection products are installed on incoming data, phone and cable lines. This is in accord with The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) recommended practices for powering electronic equipment – Std. 1100-2005.  We also recommend surge suppression for network systems that cover large facilities. As a general rule, all copper wires entering or exiting a facility should be surge protected.