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  1. CPU Repair

    Just because your HDTV, computer, lights, and network switch turns on and seems to work does not mean it has not been damaged and degraded by transient surges.  Everyone knows that a single lightning strike or large surge event can cause immediate destruction of electronics and their circuit boards.  However, some surges and transients, may not be large enough to destroy an electronic device or individual circuit board, but the effects of this surge energy overtime will cause lockups, glitches and premature failure at some point in the future.  The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engine...

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  2. Surge Protect All Incoming and Outgoing Data Wires

    Phone, cable and satellite companies in addition to systems integrators are all paying liability claims due to lightning damaging home electronics.  Even one copper pathway allowing lightning to enter the structure can lead to tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  If you are concerned about liability use Transient Protection Design surge suppression products on all incoming and outgoing data and power wires going between buildings or to outside equipment in order to limit your potential liability.  Between improperly or poorly grounded phone, cable and satellite installation...

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  3. Lutron Logo

    Less service calls equals better client satisfaction which equals more referrals and more jobs! See technical note from Lutron recommending Transient Protection Design surge suppression as part of that solution.HOW IT WORKSImproved service quality will increase your economic competitiveness. Systems integrators can eliminate unnecessary downtime and damage by offering a Transient Protection Design surge suppression system.  Your next referral depends on the quality of work you offer and that can be best shown years later when examining old jobs and your clients of the past.  Are they happy? Ar...

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  4. Reduce Service Calls with TPD Surge Suppression

    Are you resetting customer equipment late at night? Are some homes worse than others for nuisance issues, and why is that? Systems Integration is a customer service driven marketplace. For a majority of your clients, glitches, lockups, and unexplained failures may not be an issue. For a few others it can be a nightmare. If you don’t answer your phone late at night, on the weekend or over the holiday you might not get another call. Most systems integrators want to answer that phone and be as service oriented as possible, but dealing with and explaining why electronics lockup, glitch and are dam...

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  5. Are Extended Warranties Worth It

    Once power from the utility gets into the home it’s the homeowner’s responsibly to deal with it. Customers are not happy paying to diagnose, uninstall & reinstall electronic equipment when it does not work properly. If power were always perfect and all electronics were kept cool and dry there would be no need for extended warranties, and there would be greatly reduced service calls under maintenance contracts. With “perfect power” once your electronics were programmed properly they could probably stay that way forever without any servicing. In theory with “perfect power” there would be no lock...

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  6. Be Accountable Surge Protect your Electrical Systems

    In a commercial facility probably all electronic systems were specified by electrical engineers working with architects. Lockups, glitches, handshakes in a commercial automation system are not something the building’s electrician wants to trouble shoot.   In a commercial facility the electrical person may not be able to properly fix an automation related issue.  At the same time the systems integrator may fix or replace damaged equipment but does not want to get involved with the power system and with recommending three phase surge protection.  Consequently, often no one wants to leave his or ...

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  7. TPD Custom Whole Home Surge Protection

    Power is just like the water coming into your home.  If a water pipe leaks, it’s your responsibility to fix it.  Once power gets into the home it’s your responsibility to deal with it.  It is not the utilities responsibility. If incoming and outgoing data and telecommunications lines are not correctly protected and grounded as they enter or leave the home, there will almost certainly be damage caused by a difference in ground potential when a nearby lightning strike occurs. Whole home surge protection starts with breaker panel protection, along with incoming phone and cable protection.  Larger...

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  8. Lifetime Warranty really for a Lifetime

    When you buy a surge suppressor and you see the warranty listed on the specification sheet or sales sheet it typically says something like one year, five years or ten years.  But that does not usually mean the manufacturer will replace the unit for that length of time no matter what causes it to fail.  You need to read the actual warranty statement to see what it really covers.HOW IT WORKSWhen you read the warranty statement you will find an overwhelming majority cover unit failures limited to the manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship.  Most of the warranties do not cover failure...

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  9. Bang for your Buck

    Without proper power quality training that can be a tough question to answer.  The words “Power Conditioner” or “Power Conditioning” sound great but it does not explain exactly what the product does.  It’s a great sales tool but knowing the basics of power quality goes a long way in understanding what each unit is designed to do.  Many systems integrators feel they are doing all they can because they are selling and installing the most expensive units available for in the rack.  Just because the equipment in the rack is of high cost does not mean that adding many features  into one “power cond...

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  10. Protect Dimming Modules

    Lightning is in the area and you are losing dimming modules in your lighting system.  This usually means there are unprotected 24V, 120V or 240 volt pathways coming into your dimming modules from outside the structure.   If these lightning surges get to the dimming modules they can ultimately spread thruoughout the home damaging lighting and home automation systems on the way to ground.  The fix is easy!  Please see the TPD design drawing for lighting system.HOW IT WORKSBy using the TK-LT120-20A-DIN2 power filter and surge suppressor shown in the picture above, lightning can be suppressed, fil...

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