Phone Systems

Transient Protection Design provides surge protection for Incoming and Outgoing Phone and Communications Lines. Installing TPD surge suppression products on Ethernet wires that leave the structure will assure that damaging transients and surges do not enter onto these lines and destroy electronics inside the home. Units should also be installed as the wires leave the house assuring that the network and its wiring are protected inside the house.

Telephone and internet lines 
Ten Year Unlimited Free Replacement
Safety Listing: UL Listed 497A as Secondary Telephone Protector
Strength: 2000 amps per pair
Max Data Rate: 16Mbps
Operating Voltage: 190V maximum continuous operating voltage
Response Time: < 1 nanosecond
Series Resistance: <1 ohm
Enclosure Type: High impact, non-metallic UL 95-5V flame resistant rated.
1, 2, & 5 Pair screw down terminal connector #12-22 AWG
RJ45 accepts RJ11 (1 Pair), RJ14 (2 Pair) & RJ45 (4 Pair)
Each unit comes with ground connection.

Count incoming and outgoing phone lines to building.  Select units to protect incoming phone lines as well as outgoing phone lines to other buildings and gates, etc. Surge protecting and grounding these pathways are absolutely essential for proper performance of  equipment. To maximize performance of the surge suppression system and reduce ground loop problems it is also recommended to protect the breaker panel feeding equipment or at minimum the use of a plug in type surge suppressor.