Surge Protection for Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems using sprinkler controllers and field sensors from companies like Honeywell and Johnson Controls are pathways for surges to enter and leave a home, and may allow damaging surges to travel to other equipment when left unprotected. TPD surge protection for irrigation equipment, whether in residential or commercial settings, offers a multitude of advantages. It safeguards against costly equipment damage, minimizes downtime, enhances safety, preserves water resources, maintains landscapes, reduces repair costs, and promotes environmental responsibility. Investing in TPD surge suppression not only leads to financial savings and improved safety but also aligns with responsible stewardship of our environment.


How to Protect Irrigation Systems

• Protect both the controller and sprinkler heads using the TPD-SLP series.

• Protect breaker panels feeding irrigation equipment and control wires coming from the irrigation system to the home automation system


Why Protect Irrigation Systems?

Storms roll through and take out your irrigation at the worst time. You may be preparing for a big event at a golf course and the grass dries up because the sprinkler systems went down due to lightning-related damage. You didn’t realize until it was too late, and by the time the sprinkler system is fixed, your grass has yellowed and the event goes poorly. The flow of water is interrupted in irrigation systems any time there is a loss of power to the system. Over time, this causes alternating high and low water pressure which can lead to cracked pipes, damaged valves and pump casings, and leaks. Protect your irrigation systems with TPD surge devices to avoid downtime and damage to your systems and others on connected pathways.


The Importance of Surge Protecting Irrigation Systems

Surge protection for irrigation equipment, whether for your home's lush green garden or a sprawling commercial landscape, stands as a crucial line of defense. Delve into the compelling reasons why surge protection is your ally, ensuring safety, cost savings, and environmental responsibility:

Preserve Landscapes
Home and business owners invest time and resources in maintaining their landscapes. Irrigation systems play a critical role in this maintenance. Surge-induced damage to irrigation equipment can lead to inadequate watering, potentially causing damage to lawns, gardens, and plants.

Reduce Repair Costs
Irrigation systems are complex, featuring pumps, control panels, sensors, and sensitive electronic components. Surges can inflict damage, resulting in unforeseen repair expenses. TPD surge protection serves as a guardian, reducing the risk of electrical damage, and sparing home and business owners from unexpected repair costs.

Minimize Downtime
When surge-induced damage affects irrigation equipment, it can disrupt watering schedules, potentially harming lawns, gardens, and plants. In commercial sectors like agriculture, landscaping, or golf courses, downtime translates into financial implications, including reduced productivity and potential losses. TPD surge protection with transient filtering acts as a shield, preventing such disruptions and preserving landscapes.

Prevent Fire Hazards
Surges, both in residential and commercial environments, can generate excess heat, leading to electrical fires. In dry outdoor settings, such as those surrounding irrigation systems, the fire risk is amplified. TPD surge protection plays a pivotal role in fire prevention by mitigating the risk of surge-induced electrical faults.

Preserve Water Resources
Efficient irrigation is paramount for responsible water usage. Surge-induced damage can disrupt the precision of irrigation, causing overwatering or underwatering, both of which are detrimental to plants and wasteful of water resources. TPD surge protection ensures consistent and efficient irrigation, promoting environmental responsibility.