Gates Surge Protection

Gates Surge Protection for gates and all copper pathways to and from your gate controller & openerĀ (power, coax, data, and phone). Driveway gates are notorious for having lightning and surge damage to their motors and keypads.

TPX Surge Protection

Surge protect and filter power at breaker panels, service entrance panels, distribution panels, including sub panels, disconnects, pool panels, gate p...

LT Surge Protection 120V & 240V

120V and 240V Individual Circuits surge protection for Equipment, Gates, Fountains, Pumps, Dimming Modules, Landscape Lighting

Phone Lines Surge Protection

Phone Lines Surge Protection for Incoming and Outgoing telephone lines 4 pair RJ45 and 1, 2, 5 pair terminal optionsĀ 

LIT Keypads Surge Protection

Keypads Surge Protection 24V or 36V for Keypads, Contact Closures, Drive Way Sensors, and Power Supplies 500kbps, 5 Amps Max, 4, 12 and 24 wire option...