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Sub Panels

Protect all sub panels, disconnects, pool panels, gate panels and well pumps indoor and outdoor weather proof rated

Model: TPX 50kA Series

15 Year Commercial Industrial Warranty Including Lightning, Enhanced Transient Filter, Listed UL1283 EMI/RFI Filter, Listed UL1449 3rd Edition Surge Suppressor, TYPE 1 & Type 2 SPD, Nema 4 Weather Proof Enclosure, 50kA Per Phase Peak Surge Current, 100kAIC Short Circuit Current Rating, Can be installed on any amperage panel.

Model Numbers & Specs

Protect electronics from lightning and surge related damage to electronics. The TPX Breaker Panel Surge Protector will extend the life of electronics and improve electronic reliability. Utility power was designed for motors and incandescent bulbs and does not guarantee clean power for electronics. Contaminated power lines and internally generated transients degrade power supplies, circuit boards and other electronic components causing lockups, downtime and inconvenience. Cleaning up the power will improve sound and picture quality and give all electronics in your home computer grade power.

A TPD surge protection option to protect breaker panels from harmful electrical disturbances that could destroy equipment and cause downtime to your systems. The Sub Panel Surge Protector’s focus is to clean up internally generated ring wave transients that adversely affect electronics in addition to lightning protection coming from the service entrance panel.

PDF – Church – Protect phone lines & lighting controls from lightning…Reduce maintenance & repair costs
PDF – Nashville Baptist Church – Reduce elevator downtime & service calls
PDF – New Age Electric – Clean up power disturbances…Protect lighting controls from dirty power
PDF – Residential – Protect computers from large surges
PDF – Residential Landry – Lightning arcs thru air & enters home thru electrical outlet in exterior wall
PDF – Retirement & Nursing Home – Fire alarm, phone & computer…Reduce downtime…ROI < 1 year
PDF – Ryan Associates – Protect appliances, pumps, & ceiling fans against surges from utility brownouts