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Keypads 24V

Protect 24V Keypads, Contact Closures, Drive Way Sensors, and Power Supplies 500kbps, 5 Amps Max, 4, 12 and 24 wire options

Model: LIT Series

Max Data 500kbps, Max Amperage 5A, 6kA per pair strength, Discrete Protection Modes L-L & L-G, Series Resistance 0.1ohm

Model Numbers & Specs

Superior lighting system surge protection designed for brands such as Lutron, Crestron, Vantage, and Control 4. Low voltage control wires are pathways for lightning to enter and leave the lighting system traveling to other equipment when left unprotected. Protect lighting systems by using the TPD-LIT lightning protector on copper pathways entering or leaving the building and between systems with long runs over 300 feet away.

Surge Protect Incoming and Outgoing Lighting System Communications Lines with data rate up to 500 kbps and up to 5 amps of Power.

PDF – Church – Protect phone lines & lighting controls from lightning…Reduce maintenance & repair costs
PDF – Nashville Baptist Church – Reduce elevator downtime & service calls
PDF – New Age Electric – Clean up power disturbances…Protect lighting controls from dirty power
PDF – Residential – Protect computers from large surges
PDF – Residential Landry – Lightning arcs thru air & enters home thru electrical outlet in exterior wall
PDF – Retirement & Nursing Home – Fire alarm, phone & computer…Reduce downtime…ROI < 1 year
PDF – Ryan Associates – Protect appliances, pumps, & ceiling fans against surges from utility brownouts