VFD Surge Protection and Power Filtering

TK-TT2 series, manufactured by Total Protection Solutions, is ideal for Variable Frequency Drives, VFD Surge protection. Surge suppression can lower maintenance costs & downtime 15%-30%. ROI <1 yr. in an industrial facility.

25 Year Commercial Industrial Warranty Including Lightning
Enhanced Transient Filter
Listed UL1283 EMI/RFI Filter
Listed UL1449 3rd Edition Surge Suppressor
TYPE 1 & Type 2 SPD
Nema 4 Steel Weather Proof Enclosure
65kA Per Phase Peak Surge Current
200kAIC Short Circuit Current Rating
Can be installed on any amperage panel

Model Numbers & Specs

VFD Surge protection products, manufactured by Total Protection Solutions, will improve power quality by surge protecting and power filtering the incoming power to the Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). This can be accomplished by installing the TK-TT2-065-480NN-FL surge protector unit at each drive. Or, protect multiple drives by installing a VFD surge protector at drive cabinet or motor control center. For additional surge protection install a small series wired surge protector unit on the circuit feeding the low voltage controls when possible. The VFD surge protector and power filter can be placed at the drive cabinet or individual drive. By being at any of these points you can protect all variable frequency drive VFD equipment from incoming surges/transients from the utility line. In addition the VFD surge protector will protect against all the cross circuit transients generated by the variable frequency drives themselves from switching on and off which damage and degrade equipment overtime in other parts of the facility. Plus, you will clean up transients caused by the drives that can affect electronic loads in other sections of the facility. Surge protection is also recommended to protect VFD equipment when harmonics are an issue.

PDF – CNC Machines – Protect CNC machines from lightning…Quick payback
PDF – Cold Storage – Reduce bulb/ballast replacement…Protect from lightning…ROI in less than 1 year
PDF – Manufacturing – Rockwell Power Flex VFDs, MCC, PLCs…Reduce downtime & increase production
PDF – Manufacturing Facility – ROI in a few months…Protect VFD…Eliminate PLC lockups & downtime
PDF – PLC Programmable Logic Controls – Eliminate PLC lock-ups…Reduce or eliminate downtime
PDF – Rockwell Automation – Protect Rockwell Automation products
PDF – Toyota Manufacturing – Protect robots, resistance welding areas & drives
PDF – VFD – Reduce troubleshooting time & lost production…40% reduction in electrical maintenance
PDF – Water Treatment – Water booster plants, sewage treatment plants, & sewage pumping stations