Worship Breaker Panels Surge Protection

Worship Breaker Panels Surge Protection for all breaker panels, sub panels and disconnects 100 Amps and below

Model: TPX 50kA Series

15 Year Commercial Industrial Warranty Including Lightning, Enhanced Transient Filter, Listed UL1283 EMI/RFI Filter, Listed UL1449 3rd Edition Surge Suppressor, TYPE 1 & Type 2 SPD, Nema 4 Weather Proof Enclosure, 50kA Per Phase Peak Surge Current, 100kAIC Short Circuit Current Rating, Can be installed on any amperage panel.

Model Numbers & Specs

Houses of worship spend millions of dollars each year due to lightning and surge damage to their electronic systems. Downtime, failure, and glitches in any of these electronic systems can cause financial loss for the organization. Transient Protection Design offers power and data surge protection products to protect and maintain peak performance of all church electronics including church lighting systems, organs, mixing consoles, amplifiers, video projectors, elevators, phone systems, security systems, kitchen appliances, and computers. TPD will also protect the heating and air conditioning systems.

PDF – Church – Protect phone lines & lighting controls from lightning…Reduce maintenance & repair costs
PDF – Nashville Baptist Church – Reduce elevator downtime & service calls