Venues & Hospitality Breaker Panels Surge Protection

Venues & Hospitality breaker panels surge protection for breaker panels, sub panels and disconnects 100 Amps and below that feed stadium lighting, chillers, press boxes, phone/reservation systems, elevators, HVAC systems, televisions, office equiptment, lighting controls, parking lot lights, transfer stations and more

Model: TPX 50kA Series

15 Year Commercial Industrial Warranty Including Lightning, Enhanced Transient Filter, Listed UL1283 EMI/RFI Filter, Listed UL1449 3rd Edition Surge Suppressor, TYPE 1 & Type 2 SPD, Nema 4 Weather Proof Enclosure, 50kA Per Phase Peak Surge Current, 100kAIC Short Circuit Current Rating, Can be installed on any amperage panel.

Model Numbers & Specs

Guest and attendee satisfaction is of utmost concern to facility owners. If HVAC, lighting, elevator, phone and other systems break down or operate at less than optimal levels, guests complain and leave with less than a ringing endorsement of the facility. Also, breakdowns and lockups in the system cause disruptions of engineering and maintenance personnel, and cost the owners money for repairs. Transient Protection Design can significantly reduce downtime and electrical maintenance costs on a yearly basis. Also, TPD can reduce catastrophic losses to electrical and electronic equipment caused by lightning and other natural and man-made events.