Health Care Breaker Panels Surge Protection

Health Care Breaker Panels Surge Protection, manufactured by Total Protection Solutions, for all service entrance, distribution, branch panels feeding sensitive electronics.

Model: TK-TTLP Series

Unlimited Lifetime Residential & 25 Year Commercial Industrial Warranty Including Lightning, Enhanced Transient Filter, Listed UL1283 EMI/RFI Filter, Listed UL1449 3rd Edition Surge Suppressor, TYPE 1 & Type 2 SPD, Nema 4 Steel, Weather Proof Enclosure, 100kA Per Phase Peak Surge Current, 200kAIC Short Circuit Current Rating, Can be installed on any amperage panel.

Model Numbers & Specs

The TTLP Breaker Panel Surge Protector manufactured by total protections solutions will improve the power quality at the breaker panel for your sophisticated electronic loads, extending the life and reliability of electronics. Rebooting, reprogramming and replacing processors, circuit boards and components can be a never-ending battle. Problems in the system are as simple as occasional glitches locking up or turning on and off equipment without user input to widespread damage during a severe lightning storm. As different pieces of equipment and components turn on and off, voltage and current pulses, known as transients, are generated. These pulses of energy can negatively affect every piece of equipment in the system. Medical equipment is impacted by literally millions of transients during its operating life causing damage, degradation, and excessive maintenance costs. Not only are there higher than necessary medical equipment maintenance expenses, but this can directly affect the quality of patient care. The Breaker Panel Surge Protector’s focus is to clean up internally generated ring wave transients that adversely affect electronics in addition to lightning protection coming from the service entrance panel.

PDF – Healthcare – 7 month ROI protecting imaging equipment..Reduced downtime & maintenance costs
PDF – Hospital Imaging Equipment – Protect mobile imaging systems…filtering to protect ultrasound unit
PDF – Hospital Lighting – Protect Air Volume Controls…Reduce bulb replacement…ROI in 6 months
PDF – Retirement & Nursing Home – Fire alarm, phone & computer…Reduce downtime…ROI < 1 year
PDF – Florida Hospital
PDF – Florida Hospital Energy Plant